The message last night was from Mal 1:6-11, challenging verses from the prophet Malachi to the people of Israel about their lack of honour of God. Honouring those above us (respecting, revering, listening to, looking up to, serving and being obedient to in submission) is a Biblical theme, but the priests at that time – those who should have known better – were failing to honour God by offering to Him sacrifices that were not the best. Instead of offering unblemished lambs and doves, they were offering maimed creatures. God is not satisfied with second-hand offerings. The attitude ‘it’ll do’ does not sit well with the God who gave His all for us. God, who gave His only Son as the sacrifice for our sins, expects our best.

God wants us to give our wholehearted devotion to Him. He would rather us give no sacrifice at all than offer simply a hollow ritual. He cannot abide the lukewarm.

What is the quality of what we bring to GOd? Do we give our best? Failure is not the problem, for God sees our hearts and knows when we have given Him our all, even if we do fail. The problem is if we come with half-hearted offerings. We have all been given talents by God, but what do we do with those talents?

If we think God asks too much from us, we need to spend time looking at the Cross, for He did not spare His own Son. He does not ask us to do anything He was not willing to do Himself. Let us offer ourselves in wholehearted service to God.