Remember the prayer map I was telling you about here? I left the story with the frame completed and the board waiting to be filled with photos and the map. Once that was done, this is what it looked like:

However, given the amount of time taken to make the board and frame, it should perhaps come as no surprise to discover that actually getting the map to church proved quite a headache! Basically, the map was too big to fit in our car… and, as it later turned out, in anyone else’s! Undaunted, Garry set about making a frame for the frame so that it could be transported on our roof-rack:

The map duly arrived at church:

It features photographs with the street names of some of the streets:

It also has coloured stickers that are co-ordinated to our prayer topic for the month (in February, this has been local schools)as well as the prayer requests for that topic:

The prayer map is now in place in the foyer and this evening, we will be writing prayers to stick on the board to complete it. Each month, we will add new stickers as we pray for new areas of Goldthorpe and we will change the prayer requests and the prayers to keep the map up-to-date.