If the whole world is in God’s hands, what are those hands like? This was the question that Mark tackled at the family service last night.

God’s hands created the universe. They made the deep places and the high places.

God’s hands created the sun, moon and stars. He not only created our complex universe, but sustains it exactly so that we can continue to live on this amazing planet.

God is King over all the universe. He sets kings in place and can topple kingdoms. Humans think they are in control of this planet, but God is the real King!

God’s hands hold us. Our very times are in His hands.

God’s hands bring salvation, revival and restoration, but we have to choose His ways over our own.

God is the ruler of all, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is working all things together for good in our lives.

We finished by listening to the J. J. Heller song ‘Your Hands’:
“When my world is shaking,
Heaven stands.
When my heart is breaking,
I never leave Your hands.” (J.J. Heller, ‘Your Hands’)

‘Your Hands’, J. J. Heller