Stephen spoke this morning on God’s hand in our life. Using a picture of a seedling being held in someone’s hand, he spoke about understanding that God is active in our lives and is there to guide us and direct us.

Christianity is not like a Scouts’ badge, where we can earn God’s favour by our activities. It is a whole way of life where we follow God’s plans and purposes, where our lives become part of a larger picture (rather like how a slip road merges with the motorway and becomes part of the larger road.)

Christmas proves to us God’s active role in human history. Just as Jesus was taken to Egypt to escape Herod’s evil plot to kill Him, so we are called out of enemy captivity. God’s hand is on us, leading and guiding us. We need God’s nourishment, just as the seedling needs nutrients from the soil to grow. We can move forward in God’s plan and be secure in His guidance and provision.