Dave spoke tonight from Romans 8:26-29. We may well feel 2024 starts in a perilous state with wars, financial problems and many other threats, but as the older generation are often quick to point out, this has often been the case, with the Cold War and severe winters (e.g. 1947) just two of the problems in the past. At uncertain times, we feel very insecure, but Paul reminds us in these verses that our security is ultimately in God, and nothing can surprise Him. He is in control of the world and we know that our future is in His hands.
Bad things happen in life – and to Christians too. Paul is not ignoring reality when he tells us that God works for good in all circumstances. He is pointing to a reality that we may not always see with natural eyes (or in this lifetime), but which is nonetheless true. We only have limited vision now, but by faith we declare that God works for good in all things and therefore can live with confidence and hope.