God speaks to us in many different ways, but today, He has spoken to me through an advert for Buxton water. Here’s the advert:

I think it’s quite a pretentious advert for mineral water, actually, but today, it’s done a much better job than advertise water. It’s become something of a reminder of the living water I’m supposed to drink from each day!

Don’t give up. Simple words, but so often, we feel at breaking point. We feel we can no longer carry on. It doesn’t always have to be something major that precipitates this feeling, but we can easily reach the place where we just want to give up. “What’s the point?” we say to ourselves. We feel we’re not making a difference. We feel our witness goes unnoticed. We feel the weight of everyday troubles. We just don’t feel full of life and peace and joy. But into that feeling, the simple words ‘Don’t give up’ stir something with us. Our Scripture memory stirs.

Rise up. Again, instead of just leaving us with a negative command, we’re given something positive to do. Again, our Scripture memory stirs.

Our song memory is stirred too! You can listen to a very old song based on Micah 7:8 here. This is no modern version, no famous singer, but it’s never a bad thing if you’re singing Scripture verses!

And that’s how God speaks. Unexpectedly. Through unconventional sources. With the Holy Spirit reminding us of truth committed to memory long ago, suddenly brought to life at exactly the right moment.

Don’t give up. Rise up.