This morning, Dave spoke from Mark 12:41-44, a brief story about the small offering put in by a widow. This widow may not have given much in financial terms, but she gave all she had. Many speak about tithing income (i.e. giving 10% of your income to God), but she gave everything she had; in her poverty, she still honoured God.
Jesus saw this and appreciated the heart and love of this woman. He too came to earth and surrendered the glory of heaven to take on human flesh and die for us. He demonstrates how God has taken the initiative in salvation, how He gave Himself willingly for our salvation.
Giving can be a contentious subject, but ultimately the God who gave Himself gave everything for us and wants us to give our all for Him. This may not neceesarily be a financial giving, but the sacrifice of a life dedicated to God is something very precious to God. Jesus noticed this widow’s giving. Nothing we give to God is unseen by Him. He sees and appreciates all we give.