This morning as we looked at the miraculous catch of fish recorded in Luke 5:1-11, we talked about purpose in life. All of us need to know that our lives have meaning and purpose; Steve Taylor says, The need for purpose is one the defining characteristics of human beings. Human beings crave purpose and suffer serious psychological difficulties when we don’t have it. Purpose is a fundamental component of a fulfilling life.’ [1] Paul tells us we should live as children of the light and find out what pleases the Lord (Eph 5:8,10) and as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday, He did so with a confidence that arose from His security in His identity as God’s Son and knowing His mission in life.

In the incident we see with Peter and the other fishermen, we see that despite their lack of success, when Jesus spoke and told them to let down their nets, they were successful in recording a massive catch of fish. This miracle profoundly affected them, being the catalyst for the change in their lives which saw them leave their boats on shore and take up a new calling, to become followers of Jesus and fishers of men. Simon’s response to this miracle was to fall at the feet of Jesus and recognise his own sinfulness. This is always the first step to discovering purpose and meaning to life, for the self has to abdicate from its throne so that we acknowledge God as the rightful King. Just as wein history we had to abandone the geocentric view of the earth and embrace the Copernican heliocentric view, so we must acknowlege that in everything Christ must have the supremacy if we are to live meaningful lives. (Col 1:15-17)

In riding humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey, Jesus embraced humility and submission to God’s will. We must do the same, acknowledging that to gain our life, we must be prepared to lose it (see Mark 8:34-35, John 12:24-26). Humility must come before honour and exaltation..Jesus gave the fishermen new purpose and identity, and in confirming the Great Commission in Matt 28:18-20, He gives us new purpose and identity too. No matter what our jobs, our primary purpose in life is to love God and serve Him wholeheartedly.