As at Easter, we decided to hold a family film night in the evening to encourage all those who had come to the craft activities to return to find out the winners from each competition and to have fun together. We had 72 people come to this event.

We watched the film ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’, a children’s film released in 2010 about an inventor, Flint Lockwood, who makes a machine that can make food fall from the clouds, thus giving his small, sardine-based town a new lease of life. The animated film looks at important themes of identity (Flint and the weather forecast girl Sam Sparks are hugely intelligent, but often feel mocked by others because they are ‘different’), gluttony and greed and helps us to reflect on the demandingness and selfishness of modern society, all wrapped up in great action and adventure!

After the film, willing workers from church provided a supper of meatballs and pasta to anyone who wanted to stay behind:

It was a great end to a fantastic day!