Tonight members of our church and the Methodist church at Great Houghton attended a meeting at the Salvation Army to reflect on the work being done in the food bank. We are so grateful for this opportunity to help serve the poor and needy in our community and it was exciting to hear testimonies of how God is blessing this work and using the outreach to bring people to know Him. We enjoyed the hospitality of the Salvation Army who provided tea for us and then listened to testimonies of all God is doing locally as well as worshipping and praying together.

It is humbling to see how God is working in all the local churches in Goldthorpe and to know that we are part of a much bigger something that God is doing. As Matthew West sings below, if we are God’s hands and feet, we need to be doing something to reflect His heart and this is one way of doing something! Please continue to pray for the many people in real need whose lives are being touched and blessed by God through the generosity of local people.

‘Do Something’, Matthew West
The story behind the song