I’ve failed as a blogger.
I like to get birthday photos up as soon as I can… I like to celebrate birthdays.
In fact, despite the congregation’s secret belief that this is because I enjoy humiliating people publicly by posting their photos here, that’s not true at all. I simply do like birthdays. They’re celebrations of who we are, the fact that we’re here at all, and I don’t believe any one of us should go unnoticed.

But in true sisterly affection, Karen pointed out to me recently that Debbie’s birthday photo was not on the blog. April had come and gone… now her photo was up in May, but where was Debbie’s? If one suffers, she reasoned, all should suffer!

And she’s right! I searched the archives, found that Debbie’s moment of glory coincided with a family service and a dedication, and she had got forgotten in all the photos that were taken that day.

But fear no more. Debbie is here, resplendent in birthday hat glory!

More birthday photos to come, for several people are escaping on holiday to celebrate their birthdays soon. Never fear: you’ll still be on here…!