How do we cultivate peaceful lives and peaceful attitudes? Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God’ (Matt 5:9) There’s clearly great benefit to being a peacemaker, but it’s not so easy to put this into practice!

The first step to cultivating peacefulness in our lives, families and communities is to know peace with God. Knowing that we are at peace with God helps us to see the world through His eyes. We see ourselves as recipients of grace and mercy. We don’t deserve to be called children of God. It’s not a ‘right’, as such; we are not entitled to it. It’s the free gift of God to all who will welcome Jesus as their King.

The spirit of entitlement and arrogance which tramples over other people and expects favour on demand is at odds with living in peace. Jesus shows us a different way: the way of being meek and gentle (Matt 11:28-30), the way of service rather than demanding to be served. (Matt 20:28)