Yesterday I ventured into CLC (Christian bookshop in Sheffield) to buy some cards and presents. It’s always a treat for me to go there. Shops that sell books, cards, posters and CDs are probably my favourite type of shop and I invariably come out of them weighed down with presents and inspired by something I’ve seen, read or heard!

Yesterday was no exception. Being someone who loves words and tends to have quotations and Scriptures scattered around the house on laminated notes (because I so easily forget what I have read and need constant reminders of truth), I was captivated by the artwork of Hannah Dunnett. This was not simply because I liked the pictures (though I did), but because interwoven with every line of the artwork were verses of Scripture. This is one step further than the laminated words I have around my house: now I can have the Word of God as well as a beautiful picture, all in one! The pictures below don’t do justice to the real thing, because it’s so hard to read all the words on this size of photo, but if you want to see more, the website has more for you to look at.

‘Alpha and Omega’, containing many verses on this theme and on the theme of Jesus overcoming death

‘Wisdom’, containing verses on God’s wisdom

I was so captivated by the images and words I saw (some of which I bought – these are available as cards or as posters) that I went to find out more and on the website discovered that Hannah’s husband, Ben, is an accomplished musician who has produced several CDs. This range of creativity has left me beaming with pleasure. It’s always a magical moment when you connect with something new and find a new expression of creativity that enriches your spirit. It never ceases to amaze me that there are still stories to be told, songs to be sung, pictures to be drawn, photos to be taken which capture something new or help us to see old truth in a new way. I am profoundly grateful for all those who take the time to be creative and to enrich our lives in this way.