Dave spoke this morning from Philippians 1:6, a verse that resounds with Paul’s confidence that God will complete the good work He had begun in the Philippians. The letter to the Philippians is one which, despite being written from the chains of prison, is full of joy and hope. Paul is confident that God will not give up on the work He has started. Ultimately, this work is not something which originated with his ministry, or even with their response; it is a work begun by God. He uses people and churches to reach others, to be sure, but it is God who works in and through us. God does not give up on those He calls; He continues working in them. Spiritual rebirth is the start of this work, but He continues to plant the life of Christ in the soul of man and implants us with everlasting life.

All who are in Christ Jesus are new creations (2 Cor 5:17) and God works transformation in us, rather like a sculptor who chisels away at the stone until the perfect shape emerges. God will chisel off everything in us that does not look like Christ. He has a purpose for our lives that goes beyond our deaths, for this work will only be completed on the day of Christ Jesus, the day when the work of salvation is finally completed and there is restoration of all that has been tainted by sin.

Just as Paul could be confident for the Philippians, so Dave spoke of his confidence that God will complete His work in Goldthorpe. He is still working in our midst and we know He will not give up!