David Cameron has talked a lot about the ‘Big Society’ and the topic of charitable and voluntary work is quite a hot one these days. I have spent most of my life involved in charity work and feel privileged to be involved in volunteering. I have volunteered with a local community centre for many years, was involved with an environmental charity in the past (Groundwork Dearne Valley), am involved in fund-raising for my place of work, which is also a registered charity, and volunteer here at church as well. I think there is a whole army of volunteers out there who do a great job in our society and that Christians are among some of the best volunteers there are.

I’ve already talked a little about this when we were renovating the building:

What I thought I’d like to do over the twelve days of Christmas, starting on Christmas Day, is take a look at various charities and see what they do to help those in need. These are all charities I’ve been involved with over the years and I’m sure there are absolutely tons more that deserve a mention. If you would like to mention your own favourite charity, please let me know and I’ll try to include them too. I’ve tried to look at things that are happening in this country and abroad and to include a broad range of projects, but I’ve also looked specifically at Christian charities because I think we need to realise just how much the church is doing. So often we can have small vision and even feel ashamed of the church at times, but overall, God is doing amazing things in the world and often He’s using ordinary people like you and me to achieve those things.

So, amidst the Christmas festivities and fun, take a moment each day to look at the blog and find out more about different charities. God is interested in the world; He is not a parochial, insular God and His people should always reflect His character. These charities are working to fulfil Amos 5:25

“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

May we support others in their work and be open to the new things which I’m sure God has for us to do in 2012.