Today at our Parent & Toddler group we are celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as favourite book characters and by having an opportunity to buy quality children’s books from Scholastic Books. We don’t meet on Thursdays and couldn’t celebrate on the ‘proper’ day, so it’s happening today… which is also International Women’s Day. Sunday is Mothering Sunday in the UK, so there’s a plethora of ‘celebrations’ to choose from!

Generally I get a bit tired of these ‘special’ days’, seeing commercialism and money-making as the chief reason behind them. I don’t believe people should be celebrated on just one day a year when their contributions to life are just as valid as on other days, nor do I like the pressure on people to conform, to fit in, and to do so by spending money!

So please come along today as you are – you’re welcome whether you’re in fancy dress or not, whether you buy any books or not, whether you’re a Mum, Dad, Grandma or any other relative or carer. You’re just welcome, as are your children.

We think you’re wonderful, and most importantly, so does God. So come and enjoy the fun, but don’t worry if today’s not ‘special’ for you or you’re running on empty. Don’t worry if your children have been screaming since 4 a.m. and you just want to run away. Come and let us fill you up with toast and drinks and a place to chat.

:Looking after children is a thankless job. It’s full-on, demanding, never has a pay rise and has working conditions that would never meet the requirements of any employment tribunal. It’s relentless, repetitive and mostly routine – but it’s also the most important and rewarding job in the world (albeit with rewards you won’t see for about twenty years if you’re lucky.) We get it. It’s why Parent & Toddler groups exist – to share the load! Come along today between 9 and 11 a.m. We might even have buns and flowers to remind you that you really are special!