Dave spoke from Isaiah 6:1-8 TNIV and Luke 5:8-10 TNIV, two different passages which nonetheless both deal with God’s commissioning of His disciples. Isaiah and Peter were both confronted by the Holy One and as a result were conscious of their own sinfulness; both were called by God to speak of all they had seen.

During November, we are praying for boldness in our everyday living for God. People are often very excited about their hobbies and interests (think of the enthusiasm shown by sports crowds), but many Christians don’t seem very excited about sharing their faith. Perhaps they don’t feel worthy enough to do this or experienced enough, but when we have experienced God’s love and power in our own lives, we have a testimony to share. We need to speak to God, speak for Him and speak of Him. It’s not enough to think our actions are enough, for actions need to work alongside our words. The testimony of the Salvation Army church is that eighteen people have come to know the Lord through their food bank, but only because they have been willing to share the reason for their actions. Faith and action have to work together. Romans 10 reminds us that salvation is always linked to the spoken word and we need to be willing to speak of the reasons for our actions and how our faith fuels our actions.

In order to share our testimony, we have to be sure of what God has done for us and need to be engaged in holy conversations with God’s zeal burning within us. We have to consider the basics of what God has done for each one of us and be prepared to share the reason for the hope we have. A revelation of the Holy is necessary for us to be motivated (as Isaiah was) and then we can be like the first disciples, willing to say ‘come and see’ to those we meet (John 1:45-46 TNIV).

“Behold the Author of our salvation,
Behold the wonder of grace so free,
Behold the blessing of true forgiveness at Calvary.

Behold the answer for all the broken,
Behold the mercy that makes a way,
Behold the promise of perfect healing at Calvary.

Come and see, come and see what God has done.
Come and see, come and see what love has won.
In this place hearts and lives waking up to the Light of the world;
You’re the Light of the world.

Your cross is speaking words of freedom,
No condemnation shall we now fear,
Our shame is silenced,
Your love has triumphed at Calvary.

God, it’s Your love
Here on display.
We stand in awe
It takes our breath away.” (‘Come and see’, Matt Redman)

‘Come and see’, Matt Redman