Care for the Family is a charity I very much respect. We mentioned them when praying for Christian organisations involved in schools and I think one of their ventures is worth discussing in the context of praying for local churches. They are running a summer tour entitled ‘Getting Your Kids through church without them ending up hating God’.

As Christian parents, our greatest desire is for our children to come to a personal faith and saving knowledge of the Lord. We don’t want to preach to everyone else and see our own children drift away from God. This seminar costs £5 to attend and will be at the Mega Centre in Sheffield on Tuesday 18th June, starting at 7.30 p.m. Further information and tickets for the event can be found here.

With passion and humour, Rob Parsons from Care for the Family will help those attending to understand what we can change in our homes, our churches and our hearts which will make it less likely that a generation will be lost to the church. In particular, the evening will look at the themes:

* God has no grandchildren – how children find a faith of their own
* The jelly-mould syndrome – there is no “one size fits all”
* Facing up to “the Big Five” – the main killers of faith
* Creating a sense of belonging – making sure our kids feel they fit in
* Giving our children a vision
* Handling the three disappointments that come to all of us

I would strongly recommend giving up an evening to attend this seminar. If we are serious about seeing God work in our churches, we need to be praying for all generations within those churches. God is interested in our children and young people and we need churches to welcome, nurture and strengthen faith in all who attend.