The family service looked at the subject of chains.

Mark’s quiz had us searching for letter to make words that could be preceded or followed by ‘chain’:

Some of the words made:
* (Chain)saw
* Toilet (chain)
* Door (chain)
* Malleable (chain)

We learnt a new song about chains, written especially for this service:
‘Some chains make a clinking, clanking sound
We see as well as hear.
Other chains are silent and hide invisibly.
Though these chains are silent, they can be very strong.
Without God’s help these silent chains will hold us all life long.

Jesus, break these chains and set us free.
Jesus, break these chains for me.’ (‘Chains’, Garry Turner, Stephen Turner & Gary Burgin)

We looked at pictures of different kinds of chains:
Bicycles with their chains





Not all chains are metal; we also looked at ‘chain stitch’ in embroidery:

The Sunday school had been busy making paper chains for us as well for this service:

All in all, a busy evening!