It’s been a good year for CDs for me this year so far! I am finding that songs written in all kinds of places at all different times are echoing what God is doing in me: stirring, causing faith to rise, stoking a burning in my soul.

I received the latest Passion album (‘Let The Future Begin’) as a Mothers’ Day present last week. One of the tracks on that album is called ‘Burning in my soul’ by Brett Younker. The chorus says:

‘Hear the sound from heaven! A mighty rushing wind!
We’re calling for revival!
God, let Your fire fall again,
It’s burning in my soul.’ (‘Burning in my soul’, Brett Younker)

‘Burning in my soul’, Brett Younker

The theme of fire falling on the altar and consuming the sacrifice is so prevalent in the Bible that it is difficult to single out just one instance of its significance. This theme is taken up on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to rest on the disciples in the form of tongues of fire: “They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them” (Acts 2:3) and in the form of a ‘violent wind’ (Acts 2:2). Strangely enough, though, the verse which God reminded me of as I listened to this song was in Jeremiah 5:14 where we read “I will make my words in your mouth a fire.”

There is heat and warmth and a scorching that is not always pleasant in fire. God is stirring and rousing us, causing us to step out in new directions, making us aware of the ‘so much more’. Virtually every sermon we hear reminds us ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’ or ‘there’s more!’ As the song ‘Consuming Fire’ reminds us ‘there must be more than this.’

We cry out for revival; we pray for God to move; we long to see sons and daughters moving in the realm of the Spirit; our hearts are hungry and thirsty for more of God. Only God can satisfy. Only God can do the mighty things we cry out for.