We are very excited about the baptismal service next Saturday (7th November) at 6 p.m. This will be the first time our new baptistery has been used, so we decided it might be wise to find out how to actually put it all together and fill it in advance…!

First of all, the pieces of wood have to be bolted together (on a tarpaulin):

IMG_2768Some expressed doubts about the size, so Garry demonstrated that it’s big enough! (Baptismal candidates should note that any resemblance to coffins at this stage should be resolutely ignored…!)

IMG_2769Then it was a struggle to get the PVC lining in place and it was time to fill up the tank!

IMG_2770 IMG_2772This process took just over an hour, so we had lunch as we waited.


IMG_2776I drew the short straw for volunteering to test the depth of the (at this stage still unheated) water:

IMG_2778We also tested the heater (to make sure it’s not that cold on the night!) and the pump to empty the tank:

IMG_2779So we’re all set for the real thing next Saturday! The service will be in the community room (for ease of filling and emptying the baptistery) and refreshments will be served after the service.