This week has seen a lot of work go on as everything was moved from one building to another, a job that seemed never-ending to those packing, lifting, unpacking and tidying away all the belongings!

But, the end is in sight! This is how the community hall looked by the end of the day – ready for refreshments to be served tomorrow night and for youth meetings to be held there from Monday.

The new fire door warped and so another door had to be fitted this week. So it was back to the wood-staining again…!

The boxing in of the boiler in the children’s room was finished and more displays added there to make it a welcoming place for Sunday school tomorrow:

Fire extinguishers were hung in place.

In addition, stuff was tidied away; new locks were fitted; everything was washed down again and a new mat put in the kitchen. It was another busy day… another busy week.