“Worship opens doors to all His goodness.” (Ps 34:9, The Message)
Worship of God is an act of faith. No one has seen God, a simple fact which puts off many who believe that ‘seeing is believing.’ We worship God by faith, not only believing that He exists, but that He is good and seeks our good. (Hebrews 11:6)
Every time we gather together in worship, we do so by faith. Worship focuses our attention from egocentric living (‘I’m the most important person in the world‘) to theocentric livng (‘God is the most important’). This worship opens doors all God’s goodness because it grants us access to a spiritual realm usually hidden from our sight.
Like the children entering the world of Narnia through an ordinary-looking wardrobe, we enter a vast spiritual world as we sing songs of praise to God and pray. Neither activity looks spectacular in itself. But sincere, heartfelt worship which spills over into sincere, heartfelt service opens doors to another dimension, where the presence and power of God make a direct impact on us.
Each day in our area these activities of worship go on, some in church buildings, some in workplaces, some in the privacy of our homes, for worship can be both an individual act (as David’s prayer in Ps 34 demonstrates) or a corporate act.
Join us today at the Salvation Army at 1.45 p.m. for our ‘Churches Together’ prayer meeting, an act of worship where we can walk boldly into God’s presence through the blood of Christ and can be confident we will find mercy and grace to help us, no matter what our situations. (Heb 4:16)