This morning we looked at Genesis 22:1-19, at a test of faith as Abraham was called by God to sacrifice his promised son, Isaac. It’s in this incident that we see how much Abraham has matured and grown in faith, as he responds to God without procrastination and with faith, declaring words of faith (that both he and his son will go and worship and he and his son will return and that God will provide the lamb for the sacrifice) rather than the lies which he had spoken when afraid for his life earlier (saying that Sarah was his sister and not his wife.) Speaking in faith is the key to unlocking the miraculous in our lives.

We do not like tests and trials, but James reminds us such things are necessary to bring us to maturity. (James 1:3-4) God does not test us because He is cruel or wants us to stumble, but so that we grow and learn to trust Him more. (2 Cor 1:1-8) Abraham discovered a new name for God from this incident (‘The Lord Will Provide’) and received renewed promises of blessing because of his obedience and devotion.

Speaking words of truth and faith over our doubts enables us to grow and to see the miraculous in our lives. Often, the miraculous may look very ordinary (a ram caught in a thicket is nothing special in itself), but God’s timing and provision, even when wrapped in ordinary clothes, are miraculous. God is able to intervene in our lives in ways that others may call ‘coincidence’ but which we know reflect His favour and grace.