Dave spoke this morning on a mother’s love. A mother’s love is very great, and even as Jesus hung on the cross, He thought about His mother (see John 19:26-27). Today (Mothering Sunday in the UK) is the day when we pay tribute to mothers and are reminded that a mother’s love can be a reflection of God’s love to many (see Is 66:13). God wants to show His great love to people and often uses mothers as examples of godly love.

A mother cherishes her child, as 1 Kings 3 makes plain. There, two women came to Solomon asking him to discern whose child had died. Solomon was able to do this because the real mother would rather have given her child to the other than have it killed. God’s love is a cherishing love.

A mother is also known for comforting her children, for providing stability and security. God’s love is unchanging and reliable. We can rest in His comforting arms and can turn to Him at all times.

A mother sacrifices for her children, giving her everything for them. God gave His only Son for us, such is His love. (John 3:16)

A mother encourages her children, providing a listening ear and encouragement. God is always there, listening to us and encouraging us.