Although Dave was not able to be present tonight due to an unexpected injury, his message still came to us. The message was from Acts 13:22 where we are told that God’s testimony about David was that he was a man after God’s own heart. We see from this that Israel’s most famous king, grandson of Ruth and Boaz and youngest son of Jesse, was not perhaps the person we would have chosen to succeed Saul, but he remains a reminder that God chooses people not by outward appearance but by the heart.

The fact that God chose David to be king reminds us of the sovereign providence inherent in all God’s actions. His choice also reflects sovereign planning; this was no spur-of-the-moment decision. God also has sovereign power, meaning He is able to fulfil His plans and purposes for each one of us.

David was far from perfect, but he showed several characteristics which could go some way towards explaining why God chose him.

  1. Even as a young man, he had a true and genuine faith (see 1 Samuel 17:34-37).
  2. He had a grateful heart, always acknowledging what God had done for him (see Ps 30)
  3. He had a truthful nature, being willing to confess his sin and repent and seek God’s forgiveness (see Ps 32 & 51)
  4. He had a transparent life, being open and honest with God (see Ps 26:2, Ps 139:23-24)
  5. He trusted God and took Him at His word.

We must remember that God chose us and loved us before ever we chose and loved Him (see 1 John 4:19). The qualities God saw in David are those which made Him call him a man after God’s own heart. This too can be the testimony of God about us if we follow David’s example in these five areas of life and faith.