This walk surely has been a ‘walk of faith’. But the faithfulness of God has been seen from long before obtaining St Mark’s became even a pipe dream. From nearly 20 years ago God has been saying things like, “This place is not big enough”, and “I will do things in your lifetime that you would not believe if I told you”, and “I will bring people from the East, West, North and South to you”. Over those years we have seen our congregation shrink and then grow more than once but the promises of God have remained steadfast and true. Sometimes the “This place is not big enough” sounded like a hollow joke. But then came the early vision of St Mark’s and as the years passed, we knew that God really would have to do some unbelievable things.

And He has!

We have St Mark’s. But like the Israelites crossing the Jordan and entering the Promised Land, the journey is just beginning. No doubt we will have some glorious experiences in God and no doubt we will have some setbacks. But in it all we will progress to take hold of that which God has promised and which He will achieve (“I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.” Phil 3:12.) For St Mark’s is not our church; it is not our building – it belongs to the Lord God Almighty and we just have the enormous privilege of being part of what He is doing in this small part of the world.

The above post was sent by the former pastor of the church who is still an elder here and a very active member of the church. It’s good to know that this long-term perspective looks back to all God has promised and ahead to all that is yet to come.