In 2016 I visited Malta to celebrate my 50th birthday. It was the first time I had ever been to that island, and I was surprised to find evidence of Acts 28 all over the island still. Its geography reflects Paul’s arrival (the bay on which he was shipwrecked is known as St Paul’s Bay) and throughout the island, there are churches and memorials which tell us the story of his arrival there. Christianity is alive and flourishing there, centuries after the apostle landed there unexpectedly on his journey to Rome.


Surprisingly in Acts 28:1-10, we read of no gospel preaching, simply a series of miraculous events, including some healings (of the governor’s father and others on the island.) We are not told of any conversions, yet it is obvious to this day that Paul left a lasting legacy on Malta, to the extent that the tourist board tells us the story of Acts 28 on its website! ( The island is proud of its heritage, proud of its Christian roots, and we see how one person can make an enormous difference to the destiny of a whole nation. Three months can make a huge difference, it seems!