Cast your minds back to 2009… incredibly, that is 13 years ago! That is also when our church first started a funding application to Coalfields Regeneration Trust which resulted eventually in a grant that helped us to buy the building we currently use (formerly St Mark’s Methodist Church.) It took us until February 2010 to move into the building – you can follow the journey on our website under the blog heading ‘How We Got Here’ if you’re interested in the story (and believe me, it’s interesting!) See for more details.
I had a meeting today with Lynn Utting from Coalfields Regeneration Trust, which is still working to improve our local area. There is still funding available locally, and so we want to see how we can improve what we do locally to serve our community.
If you have suggestions for things you would like to see us do (e.g. different activities) or have (e.g. additional equipment), please let us know (message Julie on 07729 421405 or email Community consultation is an integral part of getting funding, so we really do need your input.
Everything starts with a dream… a wish list… a vision for change. We can’t guarantee everything on a wish list, but we certainly want to hear how we can be with God in the community and with God for the community in the future. It’s time to dream!