Earlier this month we sent a gift of money to Fredrick and Reeba in Bangalore. They replied this week, letting us know that this was used to buy groceries for the families of the women attending the tailoring programme and their neighbours for September and will be used to supply groceries in October again. They write, “Thank you for your prayers and support and for the timely giving. Many women were in tears and thanking God and us for the supplies. God is being good to the tailoring families and us, as we have been helping them since April with their monthly living supplies. All praises to Him alone who does wonders and miracles for His children.”

Please continue to pray for Fredrick, Reeba and their children and church. The pandemic is serious in India, with 85,000 infections recorded in India in one day and 1,000 deaths each day. In spite of the current crisis, God is working throughout the country, and Fredrick and Reeba give thanks for all God is doing. Please join with us in praying that God will work in this situation throughout the world and bring many people to faith in Him.