Dave spoke this morning from Matthew 14:22-33, where Jesus (and subsequently Peter) walk on water. Trusting Jesus was essential for Peter to walk on water. So often, we think that trusting God means having no problems or difficulties, but in actual fact, faith is often proven and tested in the storms of life. Here, immediately after the feeding of the five thousand (a miracle which must have seen the disciples’ faith grow), they face a storm on the lake and are startled to see Jesus walking on the water towards them. Peter surprises himself by asking to do the same, and while he keeps his eyes on Jesus, he actually walks on water himself. Once his attention is on the wind and the waves, however, he becomes like a sinking rock, going down, down, down!

Life is full of both adventure and accidents, good things and catastrophes, but we can trust Jesus to bring us through both. In the challenges and difficulties of life, will we learn to trust God? Peter experienced the impossible when he walked on the water; with God, all things are possible. We have to let go and let God do what He can. It is so much easier to doubt God and wonder if He really wants us to do things, but even in difficult times such as we are experiencing at present, we must learn to trust God to do what only He can do. He will be us through it all.