Garry spoke tonight from Romans 8:1-3. 5-17 where Paul talks about two realms (or worlds): the natural world we all know and inhabit and the spiritual world. All of us are familiar with the first world, but when we become Christians, we gain access to a spiritual realm. Christ opens up for us a new dimension. We can either ignore the spiritual world altogether or believe that the material world has little value. In truth, both are necessary; to live life to the full, we must engage fully with both worlds.

Those who belong to the spiritual world must move away from the seflishness with which we are all born and learn to live with an awareness of God and of other people’s needs.God rules His world, but still gives us freedom to choose and always wants what is best for us. Even as Christians, we can live as though God does not exist; we can be concerned only with what we can see and touch. But this is not what God wants for us, for He wants us to live in the spiritual realm, where we are filled with love, hope and joy. He wants us to live with the eternal view in mind and to know that there is purpose in life. The choice is ours: will we swap the mediocre for the majestic?