Dave spoke this evening from Luke 1:5-25, looking at Elizabeth. Her response to God’s intervention in her life – promising her a son in her old age and after years of barrenness – was to accept God’s will for her and continue to serve Him faithfully. She was upright and blameless and had great faith, not doubting Zechariah, even though he was the one visited by the angel!
Elizabeth was faithful, holding on in prayer when nothing seemed to be happening. She blessed God for His blessing and withdrew from society, meditating on being the mother of a great prophet. She was filled with the Holy Spirit and this is so important in understanding her spiritual life.
Elizabeth was a woman of obedience; it was her intervention that ensured John was named as the angel had commanded. She may not have understood why this name was chosen, but she obeyed all that God had said to her (see 1 Sam 15:22). Trusting God and obeying Him are what is required from all of us – and like Elizabeth, we will reap the rewards of trust and obedience.