Our reading today (John 12:20-26) looks at Greeks who wanted to see Jesus. Jesus took this opportunity to teach about the need for death to precede life; He was not about to be distracted as He prepared to make that final journey into Jerusalem. We might feel that this was not what people wanted to hear, but as always, Jesus focuses on what is truly important rather than on what we consider to be important.

Today is Palm Sunday, when we remember that Jesus chose not to enter Jerusalem in triumph, but chose the path of humility, riding on a donkey, ‘aligning himself with the outcast, those on the edge, sharing every part of our lives – the humdrum as well as the glamorous.’ (‘Sharing The Easter Story’, P 188) Love is not always seen in the spectacular or the remarkable. It is seen more often in meekness and humility, in service and in selflessness, in the ordinary acts of kindness and help which so many people demonstrate daily.