Tonight’s evening service looked back on the Team Building Day, with the children giving us their decorated hearts as a symbol of the love we are all called to have for each other.

Then Jeanette sent us on a hunt for lost sheep, which the children were very good at finding!

In the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7), Jesus told a story about a shepherd who went looking for one lost sheep, even though, out of a flock of 100, this might not seem to have made much sense. Surely he could stand the loss of one sheep? But the shepherd cared enough to go and find the lost sheep.

Having found the sheep, the shepherd returned to great celebrations – so we got instruments out to celebrate with music!

God’s love for each one of us is so great that He goes looking for every person who does not know Him and there is great rejoicing in heaven when one person returns to Him. That’s a massive party! – and a massive incentive to us all to demonstrate the caring, searching heart of the shepherd to those around us who do not yet know the good Shepherd.