Flanders and Swann wrote a song called ‘The Gas Man Cometh‘ (listen here) which seems very apt to me at the moment as we continue with the decorating work at church! It’s a song of repairs in a house and when the painter comes, ‘with undercoats and overcoats, he painted every part, every nook and every cranny‘; that’s certainly how it feels at the moment!

Today saw lots of undercoats in the corridor:

IMG_2044IMG_2042IMG_2050… and in the alcove leading to the stage and children’s room:


… and to woodwork in the disabled toilet:

IMG_2053New door knobs were fitted:

IMG_2040In addition, the ceiling received a second coat of paint and one door in the corridor was glossed, plus a number of other jobs were finished off (including cutting some skirting board for the corridor and deciding on signage for the new notice board.)

This kind of effort can only be done by teamwork, and as one person remarked today, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’! For reasons known only to Himself, God entrusts us with work to be done for His kingdom and allows us to participate in His work. Whether that’s painting doors or making cups of tea or any other kind of job, we are all needed to make the dream work, all vitally important members of His body, all given gifts by His grace to be used for His glory (1 Pet 4:10). We are truly grateful for all who continue to help in this most practical of tasks.