We had another Team Building Day today, with Sarah Davey helping us to explore communication and vision.

There are many different ‘models’ for churches. Some could be compared to Lego models which come with a full set of instructions which have to be followed exactly to create the ‘set’ piece; others are more like the child who has different pieces of Lego and can create whatever he wants. We all had a go at making Lego models and then had to guess what had been made:

We can often feel like an oddly-shaped Lego piece and wonder where we fit into the body of Christ, but we can be sure that God brings people together and that we can all be fitted together to make His distinct church for our area.

Next, we looked at the importance of communication and discovered that non-verbal communication could be used to line us up in order of the months in which we were born:

In the same way, we need to understand that the Gospel is preached through our whole lives and not simply through our words.

We also discovered communication has to be clear, precise and unambiguous if we are to convey our message accurately. One person had to describe something another person had to draw. It was interesting to see how we needed to clarify and communicate well in order to be sure our message had been heard and understood.