It seems to me that waiting is something we all have to do, but something we rarely like doing. We are impatient creatures, rarely understanding God’s timings. For all those in that in-between stage between hearing God’s promises and seeing them made visible in the natural world of flesh and blood, waiting is inevitable but difficult. Matt Redman’s ‘Songs In The Night’ reminds us that we need to ‘sing songs in the night’ as we wait, learning to ‘stand, be still and know whatever may come, You’re God in it all.’ God’s timing can be trusted. Keep holding on.

“God, You can tell the waves, ‘Be still’;

Tell the ocean roar to pass,

Lord, until it does, I’ll wait here.

God, You can part the raging sea,

Bring the miracle I need,

Lord, until it comes, I’ll wait here.


And I will sing songs in the night,

Praise in the storm,

You’re God in it all.

I will stand, I’ll be still and know,

Whatever may come,

You’re God in it all.


Your love, Your love won’t leave me in the shadows,

Your love, Your love forever by my side.

I will not be afraid:

You are my song in the night.


And so when I am in the storm,

The storm is not in me.

You will be my peace.

I’ll wait here.” (‘Songs In The Night’, Matt Redman)