Mark Burgin spoke this morning from Matt 6:25-34, focussing on our need to seek God and His kingdom above all. When playing ‘Hide & Seek’ with grandchildren, it gets harder to find them as they get older and become more adept at hiding; sometimes we really have to seek hard! In the same way, seeking God has to be our first priority in life.

Living life God’s way has to be our number one priority. 2 Chron 7:14 reminds us that this involves humbling ourselves, repenting, seeking God and praying continually. We must be sure to be seeking God’s face, reclaiming our first loe. Moses met with God face-to-face; Ps 63:1 talks of earnestly seeking God’s face. Do we long and thirst for God, seeking Him early in the morning? Do we continue to seek Him throughout our busy days and last thing at night? God is looking for people who will seek Him whole-heartedly, avoiding distractions. It’s true, though, that God is also seeking us (see John 4:23-24). He is looking for people who will worship Him in spirit and truth. When His searching meets our seeking, then there is an explosion of divine grace and we are changed by our life in God.