There are many TV programmes which look at the topic of restoration (e.g. ‘The Repair Shop‘) and in an age of disposable items (cameras, cutlery, plates etc.), it’s interesting to see the trend for restoration growing. Stephen spoke this morning about the restoration of a pocket watch left to him by his father which was badly damaged – the chain was detached from the watch, the minute hand was missing and the silver of the watch was badly tarnished. Its restoration to its original state was a source of great joy to him.

In Ezekiel 37:1-14, we see an example of God’s restoration of His people. This seemed an impossible situation: Ezekiel is given a vision of a valley of dry bones, skeletons where the bones were crumpled and brittle, but by the power of God, these bones came together and as the breath of God filled them again, life returned to these bones and God, in His glory, performed a miracle of restoration.

God knows all about us and is able to restore us. He is able to add lustre to our lives, bringing a shine to replace the dullness which often tarnishes our lives, repairing all that life has broken and healing all that is sick so that we are put back to our original condition and are able to shine for God. God is in the business of regeneration and reconfiguration; He is able to bring lustre, light and life to situations where all seems hopeless and lost. God is the God of restoration.