Last Sunday we spoke about the importance of remembering and commemorating, and how God often asks us to take ‘stones’ and make memorials with them which act as a visual reminder to all He has done. Janet has come up with a great idea to do that, and this is for each of us to take photos of the screens which we watch when we are livestreaming services. That can act as a reminder to this time in lockdown and how we met together online when we weren’t allowed to meet together in person.

So this Sunday, it would be great if you could take photos of the screen which you’re watching (and maybe one of you watching as well) while you take part in the service and then send them to us so we can make a montage of these to put up in our building.

Here are some of Janet’s photos from last week and from yesterday’s prayer meeting. I wish I’d thought of this earlier; you could have tracked hair growth, for instance! The second photo is Garry holding my phone to prove Eileen was with us by phone rather than by Zoom.