We are hoping that services at the GPCC building will re-start on Sunday 19th July. We have been busy preparing the building for this as we seek to comply with Government guidelines.

Signs have been put up, including ones about social distancing and using hand sanitiser and washing hands.

We have moved chairs so that social distancing can be maintained in the building. (I forgot to get a photo of this and will update shortly.)

We have put up hand sanitiser dispensers in the worship room and community room for use when people enter the building.

We have put up paper towel dispensers and installed new pedal bins in all toilets, as there has been concern about hand dryers spreading the virus. People will be asked to use the paper towels after washing hands rather than using hand dryers.

We are asking that only one person uses each toilet area at a time and we will also be asking people to bring their own emblems for Holy Communion to avoid cross-contamination. We will have cleaning wipes available for everyone to wipe down chairs after the service and will obviously be cleaning other areas more frequently. We will not be serving refreshments after services at the moment.

Whilst these measures feel very strange in many ways, we hope they will help people to be comfortable and safe during services. We appreciate that not everyone will be able to or will feel able to attend services at first and therefore will continue to livestream Sunday services via Facebook Live for the foreseeable future.

Whilst ‘church’ will look very different at the moment, we are reassured that God does not change (Mal 3:6) and that He continues to have good plans and purposes for His church and for the wider community in Goldthorpe. We will not be re-starting our community groups (youth club and Parent & Toddler group) just yet, but hope by September things may have changed and these groups may be able to re-start then. Watch this space for more details!