Mark spoke this morning on the subject of anointing. A petrolhead is a car fanatic, someone who is obsessed with cars, motorbikes and other petrol-related equipment! All Christians are, however, oilheads, for they receive God’s anointing for blessing and service.

Gen 28:10-22 tells the story of how Jacob had an encounter with God through a dream as he slept. When he awoke from this vision of angels descending from and ascending on a ladder from heaven, he realised ‘surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it.’ (Gen 28:16). The stone pillow he had used became part of an altar on which he poured oil; Bethel (the house of the Lord) became to him a consecrated place.

God reaffirmed His presence and promise to Jacob (Gen 28:13-15) and thus we see how blessing and anointing go hand in hand, with God giving us what is needful, even when we are tired and at the end of ourselves.

A personal anointing from God is needed by us all. Ps 23:1-4 reminds us how God is our Shepherd and leads us and guides us in all circumstances. Even in the midst of trouble, we can know God’s provision and presence as He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies; God can provide a table of blessing for us in the middle of fear, rage and uncertainty. When God pours the oil on us, we receive more blessing than we can possibly contain; our cup runs over; there is an overflow to others.

This personal anointing leads to a family anointing (see Ps 133). When we live together in unity, God commands His blessing to remain on us, overflowing as the anointing oil did (covering Aaron’s head, beard and clothes.) This blessing from God enables us to bless others; it is something which draws people in to God’s presence and the cycle of blessing thus continues.