Care For The Family is a Christian charity which aims to help families. They run a variety of seminars on different subjects (preparing for marriage, marriage, parenting and dealing with bereavement, to name just a few) and one of these, aiming to help parents with children under 12, is coming to Leeds on Tuesday 17th November! At Parentalk ‘live’, best-selling author Rob Parsons and inspiring speaker Katharine Hill will present insights and top tips gathered from their combined experience of working alongside thousands of parents for over thirty years, aiming to give parents practical ideas to help raise children in the Christian faith.This video has more details and a ‘survival guide’ can be read here.

Tickets cost £4 (if ordered before 31st August); the seminar is at St George’s Church in Leeds and runs from 7.30 until 10.00 p.m. So, if you’re a parent needing inspiration and encouragement or just want to support parents in general, this might be the seminar for you!