It’s clear from Acts 24:22-27 that the governor Felix had some experience of the ways of Judaism (his third wife, Drusilla, was of the Jewish faith) and that he heard Paul speak on several occasions. He was no doubt interested and even perhaps intrigued by Paul and his message of righteousness, self-control and judgment. Acts 24:25 tells us he was afraid when he heard Paul’s preaching; his conscience was doubtless pricked. Sadly, however, this did not result in repentance and conversion, but in procrastination and continued selfishness.

Many people today are interested in the Christian faith. They are interested in spiritual matters; they may even go so far as to listen to the gospel message. But interest is not enough. Listening is not enough. There comes a point of decision for us all, when we must choose whether we will follow Jesus or not. Jesus spoke plainly about there being only one way to the Father (John 14:6) and about there being two gates, one wide and one narrow, which do not lead to the same destination. (Matt 7:13-14) We must choose whether we follow Jesus or whether we go our own way.

If we want to avoid being like Felix and others who were interested but ultimately didn’t think it worth their while to follow Jesus, there are steps we must take (the ‘ABC’ of conversion):

  1. Acknowledge that we have sinned and done wrong and that we need God’s help in order to live. As we acknowledge our sin, we must repent (turn away from) sin and turn towards God.

  2. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and has died for our sins, trusting Him to reconcile us to God through His sacrificial death on the cross, knowing that the resurrection means He is now alive forever more.

  3. Confess our sins, ask for forgiveness and believe that Jesus now has the power to make us children of God.

Following Jesus is the most rewarding way of life possible. A life of faith, trust and love is what God is calling us towards. We can’t afford to be half-hearted in our response to Jesus. If you take that leap of faith, it’s worth it!