Ten years ago our New Year’s Day party was in our building at Beever Street, just before we moved to the premises in Market Street. Since then, we’ve welcomed every New Year in at Market Street with our church party, and today was no exception.

Food is a big part of our gatherings, with everyone contributing to a great feast:

We generally start by reviewing our knowledge of the past year and its anniversaries:

Then we have a variety of party games, including ‘Pass The Parcel‘ (with forfeits):

One of the games involved standing on increasingly small pieces of paper when the music stopped playing:

Another game involved making shapes when the music stopped: either a Christmas tree, a reindeer or Santa’s sack:

A new game, nominally called ‘A Partridge In a Pear Tree’, involved throwing shuttlecocks into buckets while blindfolded:

It’s good to be able to start the new year together and to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving.