Tonight’s ‘Little Big Church’ looked at the topic of ‘New Beginnings’ as we prepare for the new academic year. New beginnings (for the children, starting nursery, school or going into a new class; for the adults, things like starting a new job, getting married, becoming pregnant or being made redundant or retiring) are an inevitable part of life (not simply in September!), but they can bring mixed emotions, including joy and nervousness.
We can face change in whatever sphere because we have an unchanging God. Change in the natural world happens all the time, and the children made craft caterpillars and butterflies to remind us that change is both natural and normal and part of God’s plan.
The biggest change that can ever happen to us is when we become a Christian and are changed into new creations (2 Cor 5:17). God gives us new birth, new life, new hope and new opportunities. We can therefore face every new beginning with hope because of who God is!