Tonight’s ‘Little Big Church’ continued our journey through questions. We looked at the difficult questions children ask (see below) and also how asking questions is a great ice-breaker, helping us to get to know people better.

Difficult questions children ask:

  1. Why do people die?

  2. Where did I come from?

  3. What is God?

  4. How was I made?

  5. What does “we can’t afford it” mean?

  6. Is Father Christmas real?

  7. Why do I have to go to school?

  8. When you die who will I live with?

  9. Why is the sky blue?

  10. Why can’t I stay up as late as you?

Questions we asked to help us ‘get to know’ each other better:

  1. Who is your favourite character in a story or film?

  2. What’s your favourite colour?

  3. Where do you live?

  4. When is your favourite time of year? Which season do you like best?

  5. Why do you like that time of year?

  6. How do you travel to school or work or to the shops?

It’s easy enough to ask questions when we are with people directly, but we have to understand that they may not wish to answer or be truthful in answering. By asking questions, however, we build up our knowledge bank and can also get to know people better. In the same way, when we ask God questions, it’s not simply so that we can learn more facts about Him – though that’s always useful. It’s so that we can get to know Him better and can deepen our relationship with Him.