There are some great children’s videos telling the Easter story out there. Here are a few links you may want to use to tell the story.

1. Andrew McDonough (author of the ‘Cecil The Sheep’ stories which we often use in assemblies, church and Family Fun Days) is producing videos each day in self-isolation showing children how he draws the stories and re-telling the stories, especially the Easter ones. You can watch them here. Check in each day as he’s adding new ones each day.

2. The story of Jesus’s death and resurrection told in Lego can be found here.

3. A cartoon version of the story can be found here. It lasts about 5 minutes.

4. A longer version from the Beginners’ Bible is found here. This lasts about 26 minutes.

5. The Bible Society have videos about the Easter story available to view online. One is the ‘Super Cool Story of Jesus’; another is ‘Three Friends And The Miracle Man’. You can find them here.