We had a lot of messy creativity going on at the Pentecost Fun Day today – it’s amazing how much of my granddaughter’s body can get painted as well as the thing she is actually trying to paint!

It was lovely to see so many people enjoying the opportunity to be creative. Those of you who know me know I love creativity but hate mess. Paint, glue, glitter and sticky icing are not really my idea of fun – especially when it comes to cleaning up and tidying up! Yet as we took part in the different activities today, they became for me a parable of life.

Life is messy but intensely creative. Things aren’t always neat and orderly. If we want to see masterpieces created, we have to be prepared to get our hands dirty. If we want to serve God in our communities, we have to get our hands dirty. We have to be involved; we have to be there – in people’s mess, in the ruins of their lives, in their heartaches and sorrows as well as in their joys.

Jesus came to earth and got messy. He knew heartache and sorrow, pain and suffering… but still He found joy in life and spread love and laughter wherever He went. I love this idea of ‘messy play’ and ‘messy creativity’, even though I squirm inwardly at messiness. God is a creative God and we’re made in His image. If He doesn’t mind mess, neither should we.